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Get to Know Us

Red & Karen - founders/owners

Named for each of our cats, Two Cats in Time, Inc. is the brainchild of two young women with sewing machines and backgrounds which cover apprentice gun-smithing to hosting bingo and most things retail, history, hospitality, and entertainment in between. Two Cats in Time is a unique opportunity to combine our passions and disciplines into a knowledge-sharing endeavour, interpreting history through sewing and inviting others to join us on our time-travelling journey.  We even operate in the same cottage-industry manner as so many women in history before us and bring a sense of duty to their memory to the care and quality we put into our work. 

We fully believe that forgetting the past is surest way to have to repeat its many shortcomings.  We also believe in the old adage that one cannot know another until you have walked a mile in their shoes, which lives most incarnate in film and theatre.  Ask any actor and they are likely to tell you that research and rehearsals can only tell them so much about their character and that the costume is what really brings the feel of that character to life for them.  So, we figure, if we can jump into the clothes of those strong and determined women who came before us, perhaps we can feel the energy that drove them to strive to make the world a better, more just and equal place and we can follow in their footsteps.  It is in this spirit that you'll also find us supporting an array of causes - primarily with a focus on equal rights for all (including the four-leggeds).





Meet the Team

Alohilani profile picture

Alohilani was one of the original hip cats for whom the company was named.  Found in the middle of the Los Angeles Forest, she was the most loving little ragamuffin and truest companion.  She defied every stereotype of the aloof and standoffish cat and is the reason the sewing room is covered in perches - she always wanted to be wherever the people were.  Her passing was sudden and unexpected, but she will live forever in the hearts of all who knew her and in the name of Two Cats in Time, Inc.



Juia profile picture

Julia is the company’s other proud namesake, a shy but very loyal cat whose best joy in life is supervising projects.  She doesn’t know what’s happening, but she knows she wants to be involved!

Karen profile picture


Sasha is a Monkees-addicted graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design and the team's excessive dreamer #Imagine  Her mind is a swirl of ideas and always seeking out new knowledge to fuel her creative fire. She believes strongly in learning from the past, balance through equality, and adopting animals through shelters and rescues rather than breeders - if you don't rescue them straight from the street that is!  Sasha's dream for Two Cats in Time, Inc. is to bring some of the important lessons of the past into the present through tangible and personal means in ways that help people bridge their own connections to history.

Red profile picture

Karen is a self-taught sewist with a background in history and is the team’s down-to-earth realistic dreamer.  She has ten years experience in historical costume design and interpretation and really just wants to recreate all those beautiful vintage fashion plates.  She has a long-time fascination with how clothing was constructed in different eras and discovering how to apply methods from extant garments to be able to accurately recreate one from just a picture or description.  #GarmentArchaeology She also finds immense satisfaction in seeing how clothing styles evolve and come back around. #FashionGeneaology Karen’s dream for Two Cat’s in Time, Inc. is to inspire others to apply their own creativity to a shared love of history.

Sir Andrew profile picture

Sir Andrew has stepped up to the plate after Alohilani's loss as the company's new sewing room supervisor, ensuring morale and leaving no cat perch unused. He's a joyous little thunder cat, healing hearts and making wonderful new memories with his wiggly antics.

1920s Wallpaper 2_edited.jpg
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