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The New Old-fashioned Way Forward

“There is nothing new except what has been forgotten."
~Rose Bertin

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Two Cats in Time, Inc. is a female owned and operated small business that specializes in Contract & Bespoke Sewing for other small businesses, performance groups, museum foundations, historic societies, etc.  In our "spare time" we enjoy attempting to recreate forgotten or lost garments, things we can find in pictures, but for which we have found no evidence of a surviving garment.  We also have an ongoing Extant Garment Project wherein we research and document vintage and antique garments, including taking patterns from them so they can be recreated and, in that way, live on in perpetuity, long after the original garment has turned to dust. 

Strongly believing in the mantra "Vintage aesthetic, NOT vintage values," Two Cats in Time, Inc. is about appreciating our fore-bearers' fashions while continuing the progressive momentum of our mothers and grandmothers towards a truly just and equal world.  We love working with and promoting others who are fulfilling those dreams and their causes.  Meet the Team to learn more about us!

Join us on our journeys through the past to find a way to a better future!

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